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aesthetically pleasing


You see something about me that you like. 

It could be the eyes, the hair, the body, the colour or the legs 

You fixate on that, because what worthy person doesn’t have a perfect this or that, right? 

Well, her character is “slightly” off but maybe I can mould her into the wife or partner I want. 


If you take a moment and try to get to know me, you would know I cannot and will not be molded 

I am a complete person. 

Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts I have accepted and love myself for who I am.  


I will not accept those that fantasize about what I could be, should be and will never be;

All the while never valuing what I actually am 


Pause on Canada student loan repayments

“The Government of Canada has announced Student loan repayment will be suspended until September 30th, 2020”

Updates on how the OSAP Moratorium will work.

“From March 30 until September 30, 2020, you don’t need to make payments on your OSAP loan and you won’t be charged interest. The principal and interest on your loan will stay the same until the beginning of October”

Women and Youths to benefit from Land Audit

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“The Government has carried out the Land Audit and we shall ensure we repossess from those with excess land. We have agreed that Youths and Women must be the major beneficiary of the land. We as the older generation played our part by bringing Independence and it is now your role as the younger generation to fight the economic empowerment war”.

“You have a choice to make, whether to participate in demonstrations that destroy property or embrace Government empowerment programmes. When you destroy a shopping mall, what do you think you will achieve other than punishing others and yourself. It is the same people who destroy infrastructure that wake up the following day crying for development. So as youths, be careful about what you do and participate in”.