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New Year = Change

First posted 24 September 2019

Yes I’m blessed but sometimes it feels like there is a maximum capacity of blessings that a person can have.

It feels like anytime you take a breathe something has to f up.

I guess we could just take is you are now ready for the next level?

If life is a game, then it would be crazy to stay in the same level forever right? So maybe in life when you have mastered one level you have to move on to the next.

But that is scary and it implies that you have to play forever? 

Why don’t we get to just stay at one level? 

But if we did then we would not be at this level that we want to stay at.

Change is always good it is what allowed you to be in the situation that you are in right now.

P.S It is the Lords will

Letters From a Stoic by Seneca

I borrowed this book last summer from a co-worker and still have it. It has taken me a longer time than is polite to have someone’s book but I think any true readers can understand sometimes book reading does not go according to plan.

I finally finished it and I wanted to read this book because all through my undergrad there was a teacher that kept telling us that he did not know why our school put Plato and Aristotle on such a high horse as the Stoics were better. I was never really sure what he was talking about but I made a mental note to get to the books eventually and I guess I finally did.

I loved this book and as much as I am concerned with communities and the collective we can never forget the individuals that make up those collectives. As a person that is constantly in my mind trying to make myself better I learnt from this book. It was a reminder that the quest for success is kinda stupid its best to be a good and wise person that does not worry too much about silly things and that one must at least try to be vegetarian.

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