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Nose Rings – An Intro to the Settle Down Selections

So I just spent this morning reading a Twitter thread about why Zimbabwean men would never marry a woman with a nose ring. I will give a few of the justifications that were “given”

1. Those nose piercings and tattoos are a symbolic statement of a certain belief like satanism

2. Lol I use to say that…Learnt the hard way…She can be a good person clubbing hard, but that does not mean you should marry her. You will raise the kids in the club.

3. Yes, l think it’s high time Zim men have an open mind when it comes to women. A nose ring does not mean she is a whore, in church there are sometimes women without nose rings and they are whoring like crazy! 🤣

4. It’s associated with the street and wildness (or most people who used to do it were for the streets). So it gives us nerves and fear as if we took a whore for a wife. Otherwise it shouldn’t be a thing.

5. I personally wouldn’t. Im sure some of them are great people but the ones I knew who were into that were very wild and loose…The stereotype unfortunately stuck.

6. That’s a sign that she belongs to the streets…

7. Nope,no tattoos,no drinking….🚩🚩 Most definitely no smoking

8. Nose ring signifies potent cock sucking skills so no for me

9. I want it as bad as earrings, but I’m not a whore. I will wait till after marriage then do it

10. Would you be comfortable to introduce her to your mother? If the answer is yes, go ahead.

If this is our mindset on nose rings and we have not even touched on religion, politics, class or family values pray tell how are we going settle down?


New Years Day Bingo Bonanza

Hey y’all,

Seeing as everyone is home this New Year’s Day we are having a Bingo Bonanza (We just like saying bonanza 😛)

Prizes are going to be electronics, make up, perfume and for those that are interested we are going to have a cash prize!!!!


1. To get your Zoom code and Bingo cards you have to pay your $5 per Bingo card through interact or PayPal before we start at 6 p.m EST on 1 Jan 2021

2. There will be a of minimum 3 games including a bonus final round for those that want to enter for the Cash prize (to be determined depending on participants*)

*If not in Canada you can only participate in the Cash prize through Whatsup

3. Prizes will be shipped if you live too far to but delivered if you live in Ontario and Alberta

4. Kids Bingo Cards are free with 2 adult tickets. But will only win children’s prizes!

5. You are welcome to watch without participating to see how the game goes

Good Luck and Have Fun!