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New Years Day Bingo Bonanza

Hey y’all,

Seeing as everyone is home this New Year’s Day we are having a Bingo Bonanza (We just like saying bonanza 😛)

Prizes are going to be electronics, make up, perfume and for those that are interested we are going to have a cash prize!!!!


1. To get your Zoom code and Bingo cards you have to pay your $5 per Bingo card through interact or PayPal before we start at 6 p.m EST on 1 Jan 2021

2. There will be a of minimum 3 games including a bonus final round for those that want to enter for the Cash prize (to be determined depending on participants*)

*If not in Canada you can only participate in the Cash prize through Whatsup

3. Prizes will be shipped if you live too far to but delivered if you live in Ontario and Alberta

4. Kids Bingo Cards are free with 2 adult tickets. But will only win children’s prizes!

5. You are welcome to watch without participating to see how the game goes

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Our Voices Booklet

A note from the editor Katswe Sisterhood –

Dear Reader,

Thank you for supporting the our voices project and taking the time to read this publication. Within it you will find chapters that feature submissions from artists in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Some of these women tell stories we have continually heard over the years and others bring topics not previously identified under the 12 critical areas of the Beijing declaration and POA.

You will find women telling stories inspired by personal truths and women using art to arouse deep conversation and feeling.

I really hope you enjoy it as I have enjoyed editing it.

Many thanks once again to our partners at OSISA, Urgent Action Fund Africa, Ford Foundation and Katswe Sistahood: without your support we would not have been able to breathe life into this idea and provide a platform where young women’s voice and art are celebrated. We hope to receive your continued support and that it allows this to become the first of many similar projects.

Download below: